The vision of is to create an international communication platform for supply chain participants in order to accelerate the container release process within the port area around the world. We want to accelerate old fashioned and manual processes by including payments and predefine information flows.

Our aim is to have your containers released within the same day you actually start the whole process.
Also, we want to support each operations department with our lean and digital solution.

We are on the way to create a new container release standard and you can take part as early adopter.
We are delighted if you want to know more about our set up, please contact us at :


Who we are



Moritz Dassing

Founder & Managing Director

Moritz spent ten years in Hamburg and earned his spurs in the fields of the logistic industry. During that time he had been working as a manager for several companies such as Hanjin Shipping, deugro Projekt GmbH and LGI Group.
In 2016 he got involved in the logistic start up scene in Berlin (ex. Freighthub and Coureon) and became confident of pursuing his own ideas: the founding of in August 2018 together with Martin Orthen.


Martin Orthen

Founding Partner & Strategic Executive

Martin is a trouper within the scope of business transformation, digitalization and consulting (Accenture, 55BirchStreet). He has been working on various transformation projects for well-known companies in the retail and logistics industry for the last 20 years. Martin was highly fond of the ideas concerning conlog – and joined as strategic executive and founding partner.